Online Reservation Enquiry


Number of Persons:
Number of Rooms:

Availability of rooms can be known by calling the front desk : 06752 - 222005 / 222920

Reservation of rooms can be done by sending a demand draft (amount as recommended by the manager) in favour of Victoria Club Hotel drawn on Puri. Please ensure that you send the details of you reservation along with your payment details.

Rooms may also be reserved via Kolkata booking Agent:

Tourist Corner
Chartered Bank Building,
4 Netaji Subhas Road,
1st Floor,
Kolkata 700001 (Opposite Union Bank)
Contact : 3293-5255 / 4005-0110 / 2463-0122 / 9830258931 (Prefix STD Code 033 as required)

Reservation of rooms at Victoria Club Hotel can only be done by directly contacting the hotel or through our Kolkata based agent (Tourist Corner). We have no affiliations with other travel / holiday websites. Please do not be misled by any websites / agents who claim that they can provide rooms at our hotel.

Principal Rules of Reservation

  1. 70% of the room rent should be deposited for firm reservation
  2. Reservation shall stand automatically cancelled if the party fails to ocuupy the room within 12 hours from the scheduled check-in
  3. Booking is not transferable
  4. At the time of cancellation, money is refundable after realisation of cancellation fees as per following rules:
    • 25% deduction if intimated clear 20 days and above
    • 50% deduction if intimated between 10th and 20th day
    • 100% deduction if intimated within 10 days
  5. 10% Service Charge will be levied on the total booking amount by Tourist Corner