• Some Facts about Nilachakra

    The Nila Chakra (Blue Discus) is the discus mounted on the top shikhar of the Jagannath Temple. As per custom, everyday a different flag is waved on the Nila Chakra. The flag hoisted on the Nila Cakra is called the Patita Pavana (Purifier of the Fallen) and is equivalent to the image of the deities […]

  • About Olive Ridley Sea Turtles

    One of the smaller sea turtles, olive ridleys have one of the more fascinating nesting behaviors of any reptile. They can weigh up to about 100 lbs and can reach around 2 feet long.
    These turtles nest in huge groups (as many as 100,000), coming ashore day and night for several days in an event known […]

  • 10 Fact About Lord Krishna’s Birthday

    Janmashtami is one of the India’s most popular festival celebrated across the country with great zest and zeal, to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. Considered one of the most powerful human incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Krishna was born around 5,200 years ago in Mathura. The sole objective of Lord Krishna’s birth was to free […]

  • Scientific Mysteries About Puri

    The Jagannath Temple of Puri holds great importance among the Hindus. It is one of the Char (four) Dhams which are sacred to the followers of Hinduism. The trio of Jagannath, Balaram and Suvadra is worshiped in this holy temple. As history has it, the temple was built in the 12th century during the rule […]