Why did lord Jagannath take the Gajanana/HathiBhesa?

Gajanan or HATI Bhesa: On the full moon day of jyesthapurnima (june) the deities are decorated or dressed as GAJANANA , the day is also known as SNANA PURNIMA . The dresses are being made of velvet and silk clothes of white and black , together with other materials and prepared like that of face of an elephant on the snanamandapa , there is a beautiful legend behind this bhesa , shrigajapatibhatta of Maharastra , a great devotee of lord Ganesha came to Puri to see the lords on this day ,however he could not see lord Ganesha on the snanamandapa and failed disappointed but lord Jagannath is great and could know the heart of the devotees . It is said that in order to appease the desire of the devotee lord manifested himself in the form of lord Ganesh.