Chariot of Subhadra


The Chariot of Subhadra, known as Dwarpadalana , literally “trampler of pride,” is forty – three feet high with twelve wheels, each of seven – foot diameter. This Chariot is decked with a covering of red and black cloth – black being traditionally associated with Shakti and the Mother Goddess.

Presiding Deties: Devi Subhadra
Number of wheels: 12
Total Number of wooden pieces used: 593
Height: 42′ 3″
Length and breadth: 31’6″ x 31’6″
Wrappings: Red, Black colour cloths
Guarded by: Jayadurga
Name of the charioteer: Arjuna
The flag: Nadambika
The horses: Rochika, Mochika, Jita, Aparajita
The rope: Swarnachuda Naguni

Presiding Nine Deities:
(i) Chandi
(ii) Chamunda
(iii) Ugratara
(iv) Vanadurga
(v) Shulidurga
(vi) Varahi
(vii) Shyamakali
(viii) Mangala
(ix) Vimala