The Padma Mukha Bhesa Of Padmanabha

From mid amabasya to basanta Panchami mahaprabhu takes the Padma bhesa . all ornaments and accessories of the besa is given by badachata matha. special dishes like Khiri amalu are prepared. The other name of this bhesa is Padma mukha bhesa. This bhesa is ornamented with thomocol , jari and lotus flower. As per legends a devotee named Manohar das who lived hundreds of miles away wanted to take a darshan of lord jagannath at shree khetra. He desperately wanted to have the darshan of lord jagannath and travelled through hills rivers and jungle despite pain and suffering. He stayed in temples and ashrams in his way. He was fearful that what will happen if he doesn’t get water on the way. He came across a pond on the way. After quenching his thirst, he realized that there were a lot of lotus flowers in the pond. He was surprised since it was winter and not the time for lotus to florish. Remembering the name of lord jagannath he picked all the flowers and put it in a box and covered it with a towel. In the magha masa amabasya he arrived at bada danda and entered the shree mandir. Having the darshan of the ratna singhasan from the garuda stambha he was blissed. He requested a panda to offer the lotus flowers to the trinity but seeing the flowers covered with dirty towel the panda threw the flowers on the floor. Disheartened by the incident he went back with the flowers to badachata matha near the sangadwara. That night lord jagannath came in the dream of gajapati maharaj and told him that the badasinghara bhesa would be done with those flowers which the sadhu had brought and kheer made from Padma rice to be offered to him and save his life. That day the badasinghara bhesa was done with those flowers.

In remembrance of sadhu Manohar das every year pausa massa lord jagannath gets ornamented with lotus flowers made of thermocol.